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Lecture of the Bezier curve for Adobe Illustrator

1.What is the Bezier curve?

The Bezier curve is the line which was devised for Mr.Bezier to draw a beautiful curve.In the drawing softwares such as Adobe Illustrator, it is indispensable one.

Bezier Master


The drawing software and the paint software

With this 1st lecture, it learns basics about the Bezier curve.The way of drawing a Bezier curve begins with the 2nd lecture ( the mechanism and the term of the Bezier curve ).

The Bezier curve is the curve which Bezier who was a technical expert in the Renault Inc. in the automobile manufacturer in France devised to design a car.If using a Bezier curve, the curve that anyone is beautiful can be easily drawn.

When deciding the position of equal to or more than two anchor points, the PC automatically computes and describes the line which joins the points.There are a variety of ways in the computation and the line which was computed at one typical in it is a Bezier curve.The software which joins the points to become a sign automatically and creates a figure is called a drawing software.Adobe Illustrator and the CAD software apply to this.

There is an application which catches the way of being different from the drawing software completely to draw a figure.It is the way of arranging the square of a wide range of colors in the aspect and creating a figure.A so needed application is called the paint software.The drawing software of Painter and the image processing software of Adobe Photoshop are the paint software.

The drawing software and the paint software
It is a drawing software ( the left ) and paint software ( the right ).

The drawing software and the paint software

When seeing a figure, in case of the paint software, the line rattles and isn't smooth like the drawing software.So-called resolution is related to this.To find a draw and the difference of the paint, it anyway makes the line a jounce but it can be smoothly shown like the draw of course, too.It is being explained in the square ( the unit is piece ) in the notion in the lecture but generally,in the softness of the paint, this square is called a pixel.


It uses a drawing software and paint software.

Saying the drawing software, because the nature is different completely, it uses the paint software according to the use.

The biggest advantage of the drawing software is the thing that the made dater is light.

The circle by the drawing software and the paint software

Four to draw one circle with the drawing software, the necessary point is 12 places, adjusting the both edges of the control handles to that.

When one makes this the image of 100 pieces with the paint software, the dater of 10,000 of 100 to multiply which in 100 is necessary.It becomes 400 times of amounts of data to use with the drawing software in case of being simple computation!

At about 10 pieces to hang in 10 even if it tries to make a dater light, it results in not seeming the same circle.Because the size of 1 piece is bigger than the thickness of the actual line, the correct expression is impossible.It becomes so-called Mosaic condition.

When making a panel in 1 m all sides temporarily with 100 paint daters to multiply which in 100, a smooth line is automatically computed in the output stage floor even if it expands at any cost if being a drawing software but when the paint is soft, the information is 10,000 as square.It pastes together a 1 cm corner square and circle must be expressed.It is rattling when seeing nearby and it is a finish like the Mosaic picture to have made with color tile just like.

When making one 1000 pieces to make more beautiful circle, the daters for 1,000,000 become need altogether.If being a drawing software, it is as expected as the dater in the 12 points place and it finishes.


The dater becomes light because the dater which the drawing software needs is only the position of the points.It is recording all because it is a light dater.Therefore, even if it draws a figure again, the figure which was drawn first doesn't disappear.

The color below has disappeared when the paint software repeats a color.As far as it doesn't use a layer, only the color of the topper is saved about each square.

In other words, it is that another advantage of the drawing software can do correction in many degree from behind.


The maximum fault of the drawing software is what there are few daters.The advantage becomes a fault just as it is.Because there is little information, it is weak at the subtle expression.

The Brick by the drawing software and the paint software

It is possible that it is possible to approach the expression of the photograph using the gradation and the mesh feature of Adobe Illustrator, but it takes time and effort and moreover, the dater becomes heavy.To do the image use of being quick may be simpler if it does it.It decides whether or not to actually consider and whether or not it makes the size to use and so on a draw or whether or not it makes it the paint ( the bitmap ).

Because it is possible to use a photograph and 3DCG, too, if using a bitmap, the width of the expression spreads remarkably.

If there is not a problem in the expression of the draw, even if it doesn't handle a serious image specially in Photoshop, it finishes with the work only of Illustrator.

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